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Make time during the week for an interlude of mindfully
Our Sanctuary is open Tuesday to Friday 10:30 to 13:00 when you are invited to come in,
light a candle and Be Still.
These months of February 2019 ,
our focus is: OMNIPRESENCE

“Go within in a time of silence and get a renewed awareness of God as your resource, and then go about your business affairs in the strong consciousness of the omnipresence of substance.”

Eric Butterworth

03 Rev. Elizabeth Dugmore
10 Rev. Sylvia van Zyl
17 Rev. Mallory Kretzmann
24 Rev. Sylvia van Zyl



 “If there is no change in consciousness today, there will be no change in our outer experience tomorrow. In proportion as some change takes place in our consciousness, in that proportion is there an improvement in our outer affairs—either in health, personal relationships, or supply.”  Joel S. Goldsmith

Our classes offer individuals the opportunity to grow and change in consciousness, align with Truth, and be the instruments through which grace flows.  The following classes commence  in March:

Divine Science Basic Principle—with Rev. Sylvia van Zyl

This class is open to all who seek a greater understanding of Life and mankind’s place within it.  Completion of this class is a foundation on which all other Divine Science classes are built.

Participate in exploring the extraordinary implications of a belief in the Omnipresence of God; God present in all It’s creation. This class teaches a way of life that reveals, through personal experience, your God-given inner powers and spiritual destiny.
Cost:  R850-00 includes Text Book and notes.
Signed-up members R800-00

 Divine Science Spiritual  Psychology—with Rev. Mallory Kretzmann

Prerequisite for this class—Divine Science Basic Principle

Spiritual Psychology teaches the student to reason about Life from the basis of the Omnipresence of God.  In our quest for Truth we learn to look beyond appearances to that which is Real and Absolute. Spiritual Psychology presents the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of Life as an unfolding process that leads to the realization that:  “The Father and I are one.”
Cost:  R800-00 includes class notes.
Signed-up members  R750-00

Both the above classes will begin Wednesday 06 March, concluding 08 May—each class running for 10 weeks.  Morning and evening sessions are available.  There is a list on the notice board, or you can phone in to book your space.


From the pen of Rev. Elizabeth Dugmore:

 As many of you know, I have been working with the Mystical Enneagram since 1992. It was the Holy Mystery, as it expresses in myriad forms that attracted me; it set my heart and mind on fire and vibrated in every cell of my body. The understanding of the Mystery is lost as people get knotted up in the Enneagram of personality. I intend to unravel a few of these knots as I speak on the first Sunday of most months in 2019.

In sacred tradition the Enneagram is known as an Arcanum, a densely coded symbol. An Arcanum can take many forms; maybe an image, a gesture or a liturgical prayer that, when read with an illumined heart, conveys metaphysical, even mystical, wisdom and knowledge. It is a vehicle or container for thoughts, feelings and actions and often represents an idea or belief; it may indicate universal transcendent truths, have complex and deeper meanings. An Arcanum may be unquantifiable and mysterious or be plain and simple.

The arcane symbol represents the unfathomable understanding of the crucible within which the transformation of pure unknown forces are heated, melded and harmoniously unified into matter and form. In this crucible our 1st birth of heaven, spoken of as Light and our 2nd birth of the earth as human, are melded into one being. The Word is made flesh and 1st established as Light—Power, Potential, and Pattern—invisible form; and 2nd as molecule, matter and  human—visible form.

Join me on:
3rd February to ‘Experience Omnipresence’
3rd March to ‘Experience Paradox’
7th April to ‘Experience Majesty and Greatness’
5th May to ‘Experience Wholeness’
2nd June to ‘Experience Omnipotence’