Since our AGM in June, there have been a series of activities relating to improvement and maintenance of the ACT premises.

Following the launch of our Centre’s new logo, you will have seen it flow into action on this newsletter, the Sunday programme, on face book and as signatures on our emails. Most visibly it has now appeared on the brand new signage on our street wall through a generous facilitation by Jeanne Willemstein. You also now have quick access to our face book page by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the signature.

The donation of pavers to the access pathway at the gate was arranged by Louise Luders, who also had her gardener come in and lay them. Louise, who has a keen eye for aesthetics, also donated beautiful vertical blinds for the Minister’s office, and the Admin office.

The window in the sunroom which was damaged a few months ago has now also been replaced through the insurance company and a donation from a member, to cover the excess fee.

Trellises have been erected for the climbing roses in the front garden, in readiness for their upward expansion as spring makes her appearance.

The recent glorious rains brought to our attention that a tile had been dislodged on the roof and that old waterproofing had served its time and required replacing. This was quickly addressed by Chris Baz and Michael our occasional handyman and gardener, before the next downpour graced our lawns. The same team also addressed a damaged pipe on the all-important dishwasher.

The Board is grateful for all the love and care shown by members through their personal efforts and donations of supplies, plants, flowers for the altar, and participation in the Members’ Market—all of which supports the external aspects of the Church but most importantly serves the reason for its existence, namely, the growth of consciousness individually and collectively.