Newsletter – March 2024

Dear Friends,

“Who we are in Truth needs to be experienced”

Years ago, I treasured a little booklet entitled, “The Mental Equivalent,” by Emmet Fox, and I quote very briefly:  “We are all supremely interested in one subject.  There is one thing that means more to us than all the other things in the world put together, and that is our search for God and the understanding of His nature.  The aim of the metaphysical movement is to teach the practice of the presence of God.”

Emmet Fox was an Irish New Thought spiritual leader of the early 20th century, primarily through  years of the Great Depression, until his death in 1951.  His large Divine Science church services were held in New York City.  We might ask ourselves today: “have we come any closer in our understanding of this Presence that is with us always, and that the deeper meaning of Life is Spiritual?

In the world, we appear to be stuck in a groove.  And we seem to have recurring issues involving man’s inhumanity to man.  Has the groove  become deeper through our own constant attention to what is not serving us; not serving the whole of humanity in fact?  The door to peace opens inward, as does a deeper understanding of Life.—time taken to Be Still, is of the utmost value.  We cannot understand Truth at the level of the world;  and as Fox states in the booklet: “we are operating at this level when we constantly hold mental equivalents of what is not true!”  Who we are in Truth needs to be experienced by each individual; and then to live our lives from that experience.

In the booklet, Fox states: “We are all living in some kind of prison, some of us in one kind, some in another; some in a prison of lack, some in a prison of remorse and resentment, some in a prison of blind, unintelligent fear, some in a prison of sickness.  But always the prison is in our thought and not in the nature of things.”

We might ask ourselves what it is that we may  be allowing ourselves to be “imprisoned” by, and then ask the question of ourselves: “why?”  Spiritual law works—works through consciousness when we are aligned with the truth of our being, and realize that God is all.  Our real need is for conscious union and communion with God—this Inner Presence that is with us always.  Silent Communion is indeed the highest form of prayer.  We need to remember and take time to BE STILL, IN THE PRESENCE, without any expectation …Just to BE.  This in fact, is our only need in Life; and so often is the one directive on the spiritual map that we avoid or turn to, as a last resort.

How can we fulfill our part or reason for being, if we are not opening ourselves to be the channels for receptivity to God’s directives? And in the words of Emmet Fox:  The art of life is to live in the present moment, and to make that moment as perfect as we can by the realization that we are the instruments and expression of God Himself.

In Closing…….

 Divine Science sees God’s creation like its Creator, eternally perfect, and untouched by human thought.  The creation of God is eternal; the misconception about it is temporal. Spirit is always expressing in terms of perfection; there is nothing that needs healing in God-Life.  Where God is, there Substance is, whole and perfect, and God is in all places at all times.  There is no place where God is not.  What is it, then,  that is ill and sinful?  It is only our thought of the body; it is not the Body, the temple of the living God; and remember there is only One Body—the God-Body.  Divine Science knows one Substance—Spirit—and one Mind—Universal Intelligence.  You and I are included in this Mind.  All that we see with true vision is Spirit brought forth.   NONA L. BROOKS—MYSTERIES

Bountiful blessings,