Newsletter December 2023/January 2024

Dear Friends,

There is a Spiritual Foundation in Every Circumstance

Divine Science bases its teaching upon the principle of the Omnipresence of God; the changeless and eternal divine truth of the omnipresent God; no matter what name we know IT by.  This is God, in, through, and as, all!  We can never be separated from this truth of our being and the principle of omnipresence—it is in, and forever, expressing through all creation.

We have been given the gift of LIFE that continues to LIVE us; yet are we ever fully satisfied?  We have been told to “seek first the kingdom…” and we know it is not a kingdom of worldly things, material objects that do not last, but in realizing the truth about Life, is our discovery of that very kingdom—it is an experience in consciousness—a deep knowing.

In his essay entitled, The Station, Robert Hastings mentions how, in our minds, we hold an idyllic vision of how things should be. On a long train ride, instead of embracing each moment, seeing the beautiful landscape, our focus is on our destination.  We are thinking of arriving at the station where all will be as we have envisioned it, so we are restless to get there.  Well, Hastings states that there is no station, no one place to arrive at, and that the true joy of life is in the trip.

Ian Howard Marshall, a Scottish New Testament scholar, said that the rich fool in Jesus’ story isn’t covetous just because he wants a pleasant retirement.  His folly is that he believes the storage of grain solves the problem of his human existence.  He worships at the shrine of the bulging barn.  The story can be found in Luke 12:13-21.

Human beings, it seems, will never be happy with what is available in the world.  There will always be the desire to have more, followed by fear of  not having. Much of life is lived at this surface level that ultimately does not satisfy.  Our thoughts and beliefs emanate from us at all levels of frequency and cannot not have an effect.  We need to ask ourselves: are we part of the human turmoil in the world right now, or are we holding that calm that forever resides within, in truth?  And of course this calm is our Spiritual Foundation in every circumstance.

Every change and challenge in life brings with it a gift.  In fact the challenge contains the gift so we need to go beyond the surface stuff that many cling to, and find the treasure—that kingdom in consciousness.  And more than that, find it not only for ourselves, but take the hands of those around us so that together we move into a new understanding of Life.  It is the understanding that way-showers who have gone before us, knew for themselves and shared with us all.

Let us create a meaningful draft in our community, in our country, and on this planet, as we embrace the principle of Omnipresence. We are never separate from our Source; IT is our very Life—the Life force within each of us. IT has been and will be so, eternally.  When we really and truly, awaken to the principle of Omnipresence then we will understand that there is indeed a Spiritual Foundation in every circumstance. It is not about arriving at a destination, but through awareness, living our truth each and every day.

And we proceed in the consciousness of the One Presence, knowing as we do so, we are blessed with infinite Peace, Love and Understanding.  And so it is!

In Closing…….
 We mindfully bring ourselves into the awareness of God’s Presence….
And in the stillness, we feel the response of Spirit.
As we receive the Christmas message, meant for each individual,
Divine Love pours forth through every heart…..
Dissolving all barriers, touching all souls.
Our faith is in the radiant Spirit that is everywhere present.
And the wisdom that illumines us with the light of Truth, provides a greater understanding of the gift of Life.
We become aware of the power of Creation moving through us, and ….
We are filled with an overwhelming joy.
As radiating centres for divine activity, we gratefully receive the gift of Spiritual understanding…
And there is Peace… there is Love… in gratitude  we say: 
Thank you, O most gracious God, Thank you!

Bountiful blessings,