Newsletter – February 2023

Dear Friends,

“Truth, the Mainstay of Life.”

There is a part of each one of us that thrives on excitement and distraction.  I believe that is due to the fact that then we do not have to look too closely at ourselves in an honest way. There are many ways and means for escaping: through books, movies, music, sport and more; but ultimately, we end up – somewhere along the line – of needing to go within in the Silence to really discover the treasure that already exists.

This “going within to that still place” often may seem to elude us – perhaps we even find all the excuses we can to avoid having, or making, the time to BE STILL AND KNOW.  We do not seem to realize that this is the very way we find the “buried treasure,” always there; available to each one in equal measure.

But the LORD is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him.  We read this in Habakkuk 2:20.  The interpretation I share with you is that the PRESENCE (whatever name we know it by) is within our very own consciousness.  Life is consciousness and we are being lived and breathed; IT, the PRESENCE is experienced, sensed if you like, when we have those moments of stillness.  Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? We find these words in 1 Corinthians 3:16, which again confirms that ALL is within.

Truth is the “mainstay” in Life. Truth is the mainstay we deny ourselves when we do not align with it.  Why do we find it so difficult to believe that we issue forth from the One originating Source of All Creation, and as part of that, we automatically inherit It’s nature and all that is?  We might say: Truth is, Truth is, Truth is – everything else sometimes is, and sometimes isn’t.  Sometimes we are happy and other times not.  Are we happy to remain on the treadmill of duality?  Healthy at times and other times not?  Sometimes having, and other times not…… and so on. So where does the excitement come in? Big question and “big” answer.

It is something we have to discover for ourselves – no one else will do it for us.   Understanding dawns; how can anything be given to us, when we already have it?  Knowing who we are and what we do have are beyond the reasoning mind. All answers to any situation will arise spiritually when we take time to BE Still.

Jesus said: “I have overcome the world.” According to world view he did not appear to have much  yet from his centered place of inner knowing and aligning with his Source, he was a dynamic teacher and channel through which Truth was expressed.   It was from his conscious knowing of truth and an awareness that his needs would always be met, (needs not wants) that they were.

You see one of the exciting things about Truth is that it is fulfilling; fulfilling in a way that nothing else is!  Many times we just get glimpses of this, or a sense of it.  And this is our true yearning – this is really all we are seeking, and our disgruntlement means we have not discovered it yet!

Truth is our mainstay in life. As each individual comes to realize this, we will be part of a great upliftment in consciousness. And as we stand in this truth in the face of every appearance, we remember that always…… the Lord is in his holy temple and that the Spirit of God dwells within the consciousness of each and every soul.

In Closing……
 Jesus emphasizes one supreme principle; there is just one thing that can make us whole. We must realize our power as sons of God. Our power is not of ourselves, but of an Infinite Father. Jesus has shown us the supreme thing—the Royal Way to Wholeness.  It is Love.  This is the way that Jesus trod.  His was a love so great that it included every one.

Jesus especially emphasized the including of all people and nations.  Every grade of society was included in his realization of the oneness of God and man.  The woman who was brought to him in sin was to him the child of God just as truly as was the most virtuous one. Jesus looked down upon the sin, but not upon the sinner. He could touch a life wherever it was in its development with a vital force because he loved as God loves.  He loved the unlovable and those doing wrong; he never withheld himself from one who needed him. Jesus has left us with two commandments: we must love God and we must love our fellow man.  Jesus also told us that in these two commandments all the law and all the prophets were fulfilled.
 In The Light Of Healing—Nona Brooks

Bountiful blessings,