Newsletter – July 2022

Dear friends,

“The Joy In Crisis”

Some may be puzzled by the subject of the message this month: The Joy in Crisis. Yet, when we really consider it, crisis brings us back to who and what we truly are, and that is a joyful discovery.  Crisis forces us to do and be, in a different way; it pushes us to change, as it brings out capabilities and potential that we would not otherwise be aware of in normal day-to-day circumstances.  As humans in this game of life that we play, we seem to have so many needs.  And we really get caught up in these needs.

Let us get back to CRISIS:  It is defined in the dictionary as “a crucial point or situation in the course of anything; a turning point.”  It comes from the Greek word, Krisis – meaning turning point.  So, crisis brings us to a turning point – and obviously we have many different levels or degrees of crisis.  Crisis pushes us to redefine ourselves; to re-evaluate the situation – we are brought to a turning point where a different approach is necessary.  In every crisis, life is giving us another chance or opportunity to break out of the old pattern of limitation that blocks us from fully realizing the power and potential within us.  Each and every crisis we experience is an opportunity for transformation.  And when we really think about it, crises are mostly related to what we believe we don’t have, and want; or what we have, and don’t want.

We have many wonderful stories throughout scripture that illustrate transformation brought about when individuals faced crisis or crises in their lives. Some are: Job, Joseph, Daniel.

Let us briefly look at the story of the loaves and fishes found in Matthew 14:14-21 and in fact, all four gospels, dealing with the crisis of thousands of people who needed feeding from (it seems) only five loaves and two fishes.  In all four gospels, not once is it mentioned that the loaves and fishes were multiplied.  They broke the loaves and fishes and passed them out. No mention of a miracle. According to  George Lamsa, in his book, Gospel Light, people who travelled always carried enough bread with them, especially in the desert.  It would seem that as the food the young boy offered initially, was handed out, others who still had food concealed in their garments, also shared what they had.

I share a brief quote from Eric Butterworth now who explains as follows:  “Substance is not material and substance has no quantity. Wherever spirit is at all, the whole of spirit must be, and because spirit is omnipresent, the whole of spirit must be present in its entirety at every point in space.  Every cell contains within it, the allness of supply. Substance does not have to be multiplied—it has to be used! Every person is in the flow of substance!”

Just as loaves and fishes were a symbol of limitation to the disciples—in crisis, our symbols of limitation may be money, lack of employment, lack of self-esteem.  We need to get past this and understand that substance is a divine flow within us.  This is what is meant when we are told to seek first the kingdom—and when we do this—through inner awareness will come the money, jobs, loaves and fishes.   It is not miracles or magic! It is Spiritual Law! It is consciousness unfolding. It is often crisis that sets us on the route to uncover or discover our God-given potential. We are consciousness unfolding, so welcome the turning point in your life today!

In Closing……

 See and think only from the standpoint that Spirit is our only Substance and Identity. The one immaculate Body is ours here and now. The perfect Universe of Spirit is within us and about us. Verily what has been called a material world shall be known to be the City of God.  Our Body, which may seem to be physical or material, shall be found to be immaculate—free from spot or blemish.

 There is nothing but Spirit!  Our whole Mind, Being and World are Spirit.  Supply, income and abundance are Spirit.  Happiness, companionship, joy and peace are Spirit.  Through the immaculate conception we see the whole Body to be Spirit, its actions and functions, Spirit, which is ever perfect in insight, awareness, power and glory.

 Lillian DeWaters—The Voice of Revelation

Bountiful blessings!