Newsletter – March 2022

Dear Friends,

“A Greater Understanding Of Life”

Understanding is necessary and critical in life.

  • We cannot have wisdom without understanding.
  • We cannot have love without understanding.
  • We cannot have knowledge without understanding.
  • We cannot have faith without understanding.

The main intention in this message is to focus on the greatest aspect of life which really requires our understanding—and that is understanding who we are in Truth.  The issues and challenges in life are not about us or whatever it is we happen to be facing at any time; it is about trusting.  However we can only trust once we understand our true origin. Understanding is a skill which we develop through awareness.  The reason this needs to be developed is that we may forget that our seeming “fixed identity” is only temporary; yet our true identities are those  which are eternally real.

The practice of awareness is vital to a deeper understanding…the understanding within that says: “I know…!” This is uttered clearly in the Aquarian Gospel, chap 32:13 where we are told:  “Man may  believe what others say; but this he never knows. If a man would know he must himself be what he knows.”

According to Deepak Chopra in his book, The Book of Secrets, he states that understanding changes the whole picture of reality, and that whenever we perform an action we are actually expressing a level of understanding.  He also states that everything that you have decided about yourself is in play at this very moment. What have we decided about ourselves?  And is it linked to a “fixed identity”  that is not “fixed” at all?  Any opinions,
criticisms, judgments, are showing us that we do not understand.

The basis of our teaching is the Omnipresence of God; we are continuations out of (and one with) this One Source of all Life. We speak about this, read about it, yet until we really “get it,” we need the constant reminder.  The universe is a spiritual creation and we are not here to perfect the human but to understand, know, and prove, our spiritual heritage.

One of the goals in teaching classes is not only to bring about a deeper understanding of the true nature of our being, but to offer practical tools to assist us to live this way as well.  It was mentioned that we cannot have wisdom, love, knowledge, or faith without understanding. When we understand who we are in Truth, then during our practice of awareness, we allow inner Wisdom to come forth; we become transparencies for God’s Love; our knowledge is a true knowing; and our faith is real because we surrender in trust.

When we are challenged, as all are from time to time, by whatever appears before us, and maybe fear pops up…all we need do is ask ourselves: “what is it I do not understand?” We are all spiritual beings, heirs to the heavenly kingdom; it is our lack of understanding that postpones this in our experience.  Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

We live in a world focused on acquisition; on getting and wanting and having.  Yet  we read in Proverbs: “..and with all thy getting, get understanding.”  This is our work; our practice and ultimately also our freedom!

In closing….

“Old age does not mean the burden of years; it means the fruition of a life. Years are our friends, not our enemies, if we live in harmony with these, and think of them as opportunities for development. 

 Each day of the year is in itself an opportunity to realize more of truth; but unwisely we resist the passing of the years instead of cooperating  in spirit with the seeming flight of time.   It is human ignorance in relation to process that makes us old, not the experiences of time in its passing. It is our attitude toward time that keeps us free from the limitations that the race would burden us with.”   Nona Lovell Brooks Mysteries (1924)

Bountiful blessings,


Sunflowers – photo Samantha Barris