Newsletter – April 2021

“Being the Light.”

 Dear Friends

What is the greatest of blessings? LIFE! And we all have Life now!! And this blessing of Life is pulsating through each of us in every moment. IT is that Inner Flame burning within the hearts and souls of all. This blessing of Life that we share is what unites us; not only with each other, but in God, the giver of Life.

Being the Light, is in effect STILLNESS and ACTION, working together. And if it seems that I am posing riddles for you , let me explain.

When one lights a candle and sets it down, the flame burns straight and unmoving, casting light evenly around it. Someone moves through the room or opens a door, causing a draft and the flame wavers and depending on how much air movement there is, could almost be extinguished.

We are like candle flames burning true and upright, everything in harmony (or so we think) until something (or someone) comes into our space and causes a draft. Then we are challenged! How do we cope with the so-called “drafts” in our lives? Those times when demands are made upon us from all sides and we seem to have to draw on all resources, just to keep going. What to do?

The very thing that appears to cause us discontent, unhappiness; whatever the challenge, is often a divine impulse urging us to change. Change our habits or perceptions, our beliefs, the way we live life. This thing, whatever form it takes, is showing us that there is another way! It is a marker on our route, a very definite pointer of the way forward.

Years ago I remember watching in fascination as my Grandmother wound up the grandfather clock in her home. She inserted a large key in the front and turned it a specific number of times. Then the large gold pendulum would swing from side to side, measuring out the seconds and minutes as they ticked by.

Well, how often do we get “wound up” by world affairs and then swing (like the pendulum) from one extreme to the other. What in the world is winding you up right now? Remember the words that Jesus said: “What is that to thee…..follow thou me.” What we are fussed about today passes, but the Christ way (being aligned with Truth) is eternal.

When we take time to Be Still… we are not bent towards good or evil, young or old, rich or poor. These things will still be in evidence in the world, but not in the stillness that for that time removes us from them.

And it is from the Stillness that we are guided to act. So with our flames held steady in Truth, we can move forward in trust in a world that appears to be spiralling.

Each soul has a responsible purpose and there is a deeper level at which to participate in Life; a level where outer situations do not put us through the wringer; and it is not our single goal just to survive. Throughout his teaching Jesus emphasized our being one (in consciousness) with God. There are many passages in scripture that give evidence of this:

You are the light of the world.

Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

One God and Father of us all, who is above all, and through all, and in all.

One is your Father.

The ultimate teaching of Jesus was that we come to that point in consciousness where God is truly realized and experienced; and then it is no longer human consciousness but spiritual consciousness.

It is the destiny of each one to express the Christ Light. Don’t let us wait until we come to the end of all our human resources – let us hand over and place our trust in God, knowing that all our needs will be, and are met, according to His will, whatever that may be.

In Closing….

“From the upper side of our being we look into God’s perfect world, see it in its beauty and loveliness. When the outer senses are stilled in our faithful devoted effort to attune our-selves to that upper side of our being, a heavenly healing in-fluence will be felt throughout our whole being, even unto the outermost. Herein is it that God’s healing works to bless our body even as our soul.

According to our faithful attitude to life, our loving heed to the working of His purpose amid all that transpires, so will all things work together for good. Not a mere pedestrian good, but a good that accords with our high estate in Christ!

The faithful soul who knows the secret of God’s ways dwells in perfect peace; and all that transpires within her, so far from alarming, only reassures her. Intimately convinced that God is guiding, she accepts everything that comes as a token of His grace. And so indeed it proves, even as she abides wholly forgetful of self.

To find God under all these appearances is the great act of faith; to make everything a means of uniting one’s self with God is the exercise of faith.

J.P. de Caussade—A Spiritual Study

Bountiful blessings,