Newsletter – May 2019


Dear Friends

Early the other morning during a power cut, I was sitting at my dining room table trying to get enough light on the subject of my work, when I happened to look up and see the most stunning sunrise over the sea, through seemingly golden-edged clouds. Immediately it came to me – I remembered – there is only one true Power; only one true Light; only one Truth.

If nothing else in these challenging and frustrating times, can we just remember this: Truth is the only constant! You know there are predictions from many “experts” about the future of our country – people look for certainty; yet the future is never certain no matter where we are. The only certainty is knowing truth now – in this moment –knowing God now.

I found an article by Walter Starcke dated August 2005, where his opening paragraph indicated, and I quote: “We live in the most exciting, the most revolutionary, the most creative, the most challenging, and the most dangerous time the world has ever seen. Scientific genius combined with the arcane implications of mystical revelation has brought us to a crisis of perception, a decisive turning point where old structures must terminate or change.”

For me, what is most heartening and “exciting” is the opportunity we have right now for proving our teaching.

Everything begins in the invisible. So… let us clarify this invisible from which all comes forth. It is thought – your thoughts and mine: “as a man thinketh, so is he.” Our thoughts determine our experience. In fact, we need to understand that everything we think, has an effect.

And as we begin to truly realize that there is only One Power, God, then we can easily relate to the way Marianne Williamson states in her book, The Law of Divine Compensation, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.”

In Divine Science we refer to The Law of Expression – which is the process by which the Creator manifests in Its creation; yet it is the same process by which all manifestation is experienced. In simple terms, what we think about and give our emotional energy to, grows. This is a spiritual law over and above (or beyond) the material laws of life.

Whether we realize it or not we are always aligning (conforming, or attuning) to something. For example: In the world when we resist something, we are aligning with its opposite. We perhaps need to be reminded that in God there are no opposites; only absolutes.

God is the only power (even when It is known by other names) and is eternal and infinite. What we sometimes deem to be power – lack or illness etc. are only facts in the world and temporary.

The golden orb of a full moon never fails to fill me with absolute wonder and awe. And the question follows: “how can we have the audacity not to trust our Creator? how can we have the audacity not to align with, or live life in conformity with spiritual truth?”

“Truly the greatest form of world service is to live life in conformity with spiritual truth, for then every service you provide will affect the destiny of humankind.”    John Randolph Price: “The Angels Within Us.”

In Closing…..

The world you see does nothing… it merely represents your thoughts. And it will change entirely as you elect to change your mind, and choose the joy of God as what you really want.

Your Self is radiant in this holy joy, unchanged, unchanging and unchangeable, forever and ever….

Lay down your arms, and come without defence into the quiet place where Heaven’s peace holds all things still at last…Here does the joy of God belong to you… joy alone is truth.     A Course in Miracles.


Bountiful blessings,