Newsletter – April 2019

“Let us Reconnect with the Truth of our God-given Dominion.”

Dear Friends

In Genesis 1:26, we read:
And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

God gave us dominion – have we given it away? And we may question and ask what has possibly happened to that dominion that seems to have been usurped by our allowing “other things” to dominate our lives.

We seem to be influenced by star signs, the weather, the right diets, fighting germs and illness. What happens to that God-given dominion when we allow others in whatever aspect to dictate to us how we should be, believe, or live our lives?

Have we given away our dominion by simply forgetting? Forgetting who we are in truth? What kind of world are we choosing to live in? Life is not lived by might nor by power nor by taking thought; but by divine grace – the grace that flows and is experienced when we stop and listen. Then we open out a way for that imprisoned splendour to escape.

Perhaps life is lived in too much of a hurry. And now maybe it is time for us to return to our beginnings in order that we “make a new start” as we remember. For me this means going back to the beginning of the “story” – back to Genesis. And in his book, The Thunder of Silence, Joel Goldsmith states:
“The world can never rise above the idea of using one power over another and into the realm of no power until the mystery of Genesis is solved.”

And we come to realize and understand that this whole universe is Consciousness (in all its purity and eternality) appearing as form. Quoting briefly from the book: “And God said to Adam, ‘Who told thee that thou was naked?’ In the query is summed up the whole essence of human life. All of us are in that same predicament in which Adam found himself. As long as we entertain a belief of good and evil, we are the Adam who is hiding, the Adam who is outside the Garden of Eden, and because of that we are all covering up our nakedness.”

And this really is our only “sin” – that is the belief in good and evil—duality. The response from some may be: “but look at what is going on in the world around us.” Yes, what is going on in the world around us is as a result of our having forgotten who we are in truth and that we have been given dominion. And this is dominion in consciousness.

We (each one) originates or comes forth, as a perfect idea from Consciousness/God. Yet this perfection is not according to world standards – it is beyond that. “My kingdom is not of this world.” It is a “world” beyond the pairs of opposites, beyond good and evil, beyond conflicting powers – it just IS. Until we reach the stage of realization (in consciousness) of who we are in truth, we are always going to come under the spell of the world.

Thinking, or taking thought, “cannot add to us one cubit” as the passage in Luke 12:22-32 tells us. This passage bears reading over and over again because it reiterates the message found in Genesis. It all comes back to consciousness. In our daily lives we are constantly being challenged to give up duality thinking.

Throughout the Bible we are offered examples of how to live mindfully in the Presence that is with us always; is in fact living us. And we find It, commune with It, in the Silence, in consciousness.
Each breath is It! Be still….and Know.

In Closing…..

Goldsmith reminds us that: “the first chapter of Genesis is the account of a spiritual universe, peopled by spiritual beings who do not live by effect but by cause, who do not live by bread alone, who do not have to earn their living by the sweat of their brow; whereas in the second and third chapters, a knowledge of good and evil creates a sense of separation from God after which man lives by power and effect.
He lives by bread, money, by all the creature things, instead of by the Creator.”
In other words, when we get caught up in the “power struggles: of the world, we lose sight of, and forget our God-given dominion. We ignore, perhaps, the words found in Genesis (that I use as a reminder constantly): God saw all He had made, and it was Good and still is Good—the absolute Good that has no opposite.

Bountiful blessings,