Newsletter – December 2018 / January 2019

“There is always a Spiritual Solution.”

Dear Friends

As we get older – and aging really is a gift – it is an opportunity to experience another aspect of life on this planet. What was important before, in many instances, does not count for anything now.

You see, aging (in the world) is deemed something to avoid and there are many so-called “solutions” to prevent it – face creams, herbal remedies to ingest, and so on and so on. And I do not believe that it is aging so much, that we try to avoid, but that it seems to bring us closer to dying; and then what happens next? If it seems the end of the road, we need to realize that the “road” never ends, and we do not die! And of course, when I say: “we do not die,” I am referring to the eternality of who we are in truth – spirit/soul. And we do not have to die physically either, to realize this.

Whether we realize it or not, we all share the same heritage – the same spiritual heritage. I share the following words from Nona Brooks (one of the founders of Divine Science), who states: What you and I think does not change the truth of Life. Divine Law is working irrespective of our opinions; let us cooperate with the working of law. If we depend upon our inner heritage, the outer will take care of itself.

Now, this guidance or advice seems so simple does it not? And we keep coming back to the principle that Jesus used and taught: “It is the Father within that doeth the work – I, of mine own self, can do nothing.” The Father he was referring to is the indwelling Presence, present in us; in fact, omnipresent in all creation. Yet we continue to depend on the outer – things of the world, opinions, judgements, guarantees……and what is being proved all around us? The outer things of the world cannot be depended upon!

You see, we are having to go one step further than believing in God. Many people know about God, but how many people KNOW GOD? How many experience God; that inner Presence? How many are willing to trust, and surrender to the only power in the universe – God?

Every problem, every situation and circumstance, has a spiritual solution; in our humanness we strive so hard, at times to fix things; while in the eyes of God there is nothing to be fixed. We keep turning to humanity to fix our problems; “money will solve everything;” “if I could just get a new job;” “once I have achieved, this, that or the other; or a new party will rule, or the drought will end, and, and, and…” life will be different.

We mostly turn to God to fix the very things that human consciousness has created, which has nothing to do with God. There is no power in conditions – yet by our very thinking, emotional attachment, and perhaps even our resistance, we give situations and conditions power. We forget that the kingdom of God is within. In fact we have It all in consciousness – but in order to experience It, we need to mindfully recognize and embrace It – allow It.

Although we cannot hide from the trials and tribulations of the world, we can remember that Jesus referred to these things as appearances and instructed: “Judge not according to appearance but judge righteous judgment.” (John 7:24) There is no power or presence apart from God; and when we get caught up in world issues, we are, perhaps without realizing it, entertaining the idea of a power other than God.


In closing…………

There is no power in conditions. There is no power in personality. Even my own misguided thinking can no longer hurt me as I see it as false. I turn to the Infinite Wisdom within for clarification.

The Truth is revealed to me and this Truth is my healing. God speaks to me, in my own mind…coming through something I read or the spoken word of others. I no longer resist criticism. It may be God speaking to me through one of God’s other children.

Nothing can stand in the way of Truth. It cuts through my mistaken thinking as a strong light pierces the darkness. I am willing to have the Truth revealed to me though it shatters my ego.

 God alone has power over me, and this power is Love. It will not fail me or forsake me and I am continually grateful that this is so.

– Malinda Cramer –


Bountiful blessings,