Newsletter – June 2018

Dear Friends

“What Bread Are We Casting Upon the Water?”

We read in Ecclesiastes 11:1… “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.”

Over many years we have been programmed to believe that all we desire and need, comes to us from the outer world. In other words: someone out there can make me happy; my job can bring me wealth; wealth will bring me comfort; and what I own will determine how high I am held in esteem by others; and so on, and on.

We have more than enough instances when the “world” tells us how we should live and what we should achieve. So, let us get to the so-called nitty-gritty of the message. When it comes to casting our bread upon the waters, we can almost visualize the action of little boys rolling small pieces of bread to put on the hooks at the end of their lines, and casting into the river. Has anyone ever done that in a dam or river? In anticipation of catching something?

Well, we are doing this whether we realize it or not – each, and every waking moment of every day, we are casting ‘something’ into life. When we believe that we have a need, then that is the belief or idea that we are sending out, and we will get back more need; because what we give out in thought, word and deed, (belief) does come back to us. Without realizing it, we own these ideas and beliefs.

Let us consider for a moment the metaphysical meaning of “bread.” Metaphysically speaking, bread represents universal substance; therefore, the bread that we are being exhorted to cast upon the waters is to come from what we have and are within; what we have in truth. And we can only do this, when we realize that we are not ultimately reliant on the world for that which really counts in life.

The spider is a wonderful example. It spins its web from within – it is not reliant on an outside delivery of silk thread. And so too, does our good unfold from within, when we accept the idea in consciousness.

When we begin to realize that the kingdom of God is within us, then from a point of wisdom we also need to realize that is must flow from us. This is God expressing through Its creation.

Tying in perfectly with the message are these words from Dr Al Salazar: “Whatever it is that we dwell upon on a consistent basis, or whatever it is that we habitually think with feeling, sooner or later will mirror itself in our environment. It is our own attitudes and beliefs that have a way of projecting themselves into our world of personal experiences. We are dealing with law and not with luck, fate or chance.”

God’s law is giving; God’s law is outpouring and expressing. And money is simply one of the facets. We are to pour out forgiveness and understanding, love and compassion, without thought of any return. Again, it needs to be emphasised that it is God giving through us.

There is but one Source of supply in creation, and this Source uses us as a means through which to express Its infinite love, peace, and wisdom…and in fact all that we need, according to our consciousness.

Each one is a child of God – an expression of the Divine, and it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Yet, according to the teaching of Jesus – it is up to each one to experience this divine heritage by loving all, blessing all, doing good to all; understanding that in Spirit we are one.

It is up to each one of us. So let us cast our bread upon the waters in the most mindful way, as we live each day, aware of the Presence that is with us always.

In closing……

“What you put into this life is what you will take out. What you put into your spiritual practice is what you will take out. What you give and cast on the water of the bread of life is what is going to come back to you, pressed down and running over.”  

Joel Goldsmith

Bountiful blessings,