The Association of Creative Thought, is a Centre of Spiritual Awareness in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It is a meeting place for like-minded individuals, and those seeking a deeper purpose to life. The Centre offers meditation, a good library facility, spiritual counselling, and workshop venue. Promoting self awareness in the individual, the ACT Centre as a Divine Science Extension Campus offers a complete course of study with classes presented thoughout the year. The Association is a non-profit organization.


Divine Science Classes

The purpose of Divine Science classes is to awaken the student to his or her inner potential as a Spiritual Being. The course of study in Divine Science consists of six classes designed to establish a conscious relationship with God. This study of metaphysics and the laws of mind leads to an unfoldment in consciousness. The classes are sequentially arranged, therefore, the Basic Principle of Divine Science class must be taken first as it is the prerequisite to the other five classes. The Higher Training and Consecration class may be taken only after all the other classes have been completed.